FFO: Giles Peterson and, well – we’re not sure…

So there’s been something of a discussion around the For The Fans Of office today, about who exactly we can compare the latest release by Woolfman and JStew to – because, to our professional blogger shame, this might be the first time we’ve really struggled.  The tune, I hasten to add, we really love – except for the fact that we just can’t place it. Its a quirky dance track that sounds like its straight off a Giles Peterson playlist (take note, Giles, we found it first!) and you can check it out YouTube here, and we will dissect below:

The opening beat offers a chirpy dance vibe with a quirky piano riff – and the opening vocal bars sound like something from the Sugar Hill Gang – so far so retro. But then the track arrives at breakdown section with sung vocals riffing over the line “dream a little dream” – clearly referencing the jazz standard of the same name with JStew’s theatrical vocal style. It’s bizarre and yet surprisingly catchy – and we could imagine this song hitting the dance charts pretty soon. Brighton-based DJ Tone Shepherd recently described the track as sound like “a deep house remix of the cha cha slide” – which is pretty spot on, we feel – so we’re going to leave it there… You can check out the Mr E remixes below and let us know what you think:

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