Jovian – FFO: The Weeknd, Joji, Dominic Fike

Jovian merges summer pop, R&B and Hip Hop with his newest single, ‘Dreamcast’. The Brooklyn artist follows up his Tik Tok stardom from his previous track ‘Timothée Chalamet’ with a raw and honest take on life that stems from vulnerable storytelling and ethereal instrumentals.

“As an artist I’d like to come across as a balance of ‘this is my life & my means of surviving’ & ‘art is the healing of the world’”

With an ethereal backing, smooth vocal performance and overall calm tone, ‘Dreamcast’ is a ready-made summer hit. Sedated without ever falling into the category of lacklustre, Jovian uses elements from various genres to create a melting pot of musical elegance. The track is catchy yet classy and exemplifies how tropes can be used and elevated to produce a professional single full of personality. The R&B style is particularly present and allows for a mellow tempo that highlights Jovian’s lyricism.

“I use music & specifically Hip-Hop to express myself & literally survive. Hip-Hop has saved my life & supported me in expressing my feelings when I felt speaking to others failed me in this process. It’s important for me to share my healing to other kids, especially those who don’t have access to artistic outlets like I have had all my life. My music and my platform are meant to show kids they don’t need to harm themselves using substances to numb. There’s an artistic outlet for every sensation they feel!” – Jovian

In addition to his distinct style, Jovian also has synaesthesia (the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body). This may explain why ‘Dreamcast’ is much more than an auditory experience; as the track plays, it affects the listener’s whole body, producing a relaxing soundscape that is truly immersive.

Overall, ‘Dreamcast’ is already a timeless track, and Jovian has made himself stand out from a saturated scene – instead of trope-filled repetitions, he has carved a distinct single that will constantly scratch the part of a listeners brain longing for summer.

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Words by Ellen Oakley