Brite Spires – FFO: St.Vincent; New Order; Florence + The Machine

Brite Spires will fill your soul with all things synth-pop with their upcoming release ‘Futurist’. Taking inspiration from Gill Scott-Heron’s ‘The Revolution will be Not Televised’, the female-fronted four-piece turns a lighthearted electro-pop track into an observation on current technological culture. Chant-able lines such as “the future will be live-streamed” and with an addictive synth line featuring throughout, ‘Futurist’ is pure pop fusion excellence. 

With a mixture of delicate sung and spoken vocals weaving throughout, courtesy of Bella Glanville, guiding the listener from start to end that compliment the surrounding ethereal harmonies effortlessly and highlight the sci-fi-like tone the instrumental adopts, the track sounds like an ambient pop dream. Whilst avoiding falling into the trap of pure nostalgia, it doesn’t shy away from the apparent ode to New Wave, simply elevating it with sleek production and modernised presentation to create a refreshing identity that is entirely their own.

This upcoming track is following on from the success of ‘Crystalize’ (released February 2021), in which the band were likened to Blondie and Madonna for the bright and joyful energy the track generated, and this seems to be something Brite Spires has successfully carried through into ‘Futurist’.

Overall, ‘Futurist’ is a shot of pure joy needed in the current musical landscape. Brite Spires have taken influences and created a refreshing retelling that offers more than an 80s essence; instead, they generate a new, modernised take on synth-pop and electro-pop that oozes sophistication and is simply a must-listen.

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Words by Ellen Oakley