JC Stormz – FFO: 50 Cent; Sly The Kid; JME

Ellen Oakley

JC Stormz and Sly the Kid join forces for a modern reworking of ‘How We Do’ (originally performed by The Game and 50 Cent) that boasts quick-witted lyricism, referential pop-culture content and a distinctly British flair. ‘Why We Do’ is fast-paced and refreshingly raw, drawing a picture of Stormz’s real-life experiences whilst injecting fun and relevant references that reinvigorate the track.

Opening with spoken word, expressing the plight of musicians making it regardless of what other people think, the track slowly builds in the background by adding layers of the sound that will carry the listener to the end. As soon as the actual vocals kick in, the audience is hit with reference after reference, from artists both in the genre (Dizzie Rascal) and not (Whitney Houston), JC Stormz’s verse is filled to the brim with intelligent rhymes and personality. The wordplay alone is a reason to pay attention, never mind the driven backing that, whilst allowing the rap to take centre stage, remains dynamic and effective. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the rap and grime scene, anyone will be able to enjoy the listening experience presented, which is a testament to Stormz’s ability.

With support from BBC Introducing and Reprezent, JC Stormz is a rising force in the UK scene that people should take note of. With plans to continue this style of taking classic hip-hop and R&B tracks and reworking them into something thoroughly modern, Stormz has found a niche in a vast sprawling genre.

Overall, the tune is a demonstration of instinct; the flow is strong, driving the song to fruition whilst maintaining a level of ease that is observable to any listener. A highlight track if there ever was one.

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