Victoria Hoffman – FFO: Amy McDonald; KT Tunstall; Kirsty MacColl

Ellen Oakley

Dropping April 5th, ‘Hopeless Love’ is a profoundly personal confession set to a rich indie rock backing filled with a folk flair that creates a gritty edge to the grounded lyrics, highlighting Victoria Hoffman’s skill even for being such a new songwriter. Having started writing in 2018, Hoffman has developed a raw style that aids itself in the genres fused together in the instrumentals. Naturally, it adds levels of depth and character to what could otherwise be a lacklustre track.

‘Hopeless Love’ delivers what one could expect from such a title. The track is a melancholic love song that explores feelings of longing, regret, and loss as bittersweet rather than just painful. Not only does this presentation take a more realistic route, but it also allows for listeners to let the emotion flow over them. The audience is in safe hands with Hoffman’s crooning about a lost opportunity for love. 

“This is a song about boy who sees girl on a bus and they have an instant connection. They both were in a relationship already, which makes things even more dramatic. They were seeing each other secretly, hoping they won’t get caught – unfortunately, it didn’t last long, the girl had to move away, and a few years later, she is married with kids and she is thinking of what it could have been, hitting that she would like to meet the guy again.” – Victoria Hoffman

Overall, the track is full of charm, spot-on pacing and knowledge of genres that allows wonderful blends of style to compliment Hoffman’s earthy tones. Make sure to keep an ear out for ‘Hopeless Love’ dropping April 5th.

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