StarMoney – FFO: Shaybo; M24; Jeezy

Ellen Oakley

Debuting on GRM Daily with a provocative accompanying music video, StarMoney’s latest single ‘Catfish’ shows how Trap and Drill heavily influence modern music, whilst StarMoney himself remains very much a distinct artist in the ever-growing genres. 

With a tight lyrical flow and vocal contrast provided by Snap Capone’s feature, the track is full of energy that invigorates the listener. The song’s dark tone, typical for the Trap and Drill genres, hides a positive message about being unapologetically yourself. The focus of the phrase Catfish, being augmented to reflect on how an individual presents themselves on all levels, is weaved into the lyrics effortlessly. Coupled with the musical style’s nature, it produces a confident statement about how the self is and should be presented.

“Catfish is about fake portrayal. For example, someone might be pretend to be a real gangster or a rich person in flesh or on the internet but in reality that is not what they are really about.” – StarMoney

StarMoney proves that conscientious music doesn’t have to lack style. No matter the platformed genre, artists can spread positivity to an audience who may feel ignored by mainstream media. Messages are made accessible through how they are presented, and ‘Catfish’ is a brilliant example of this. Musically speaking, the track is rhythmic and rather catchy, providing a steady beat that drives the song to fruition and interesting lyrics that avoid tired cliches.

Overall, ‘Catfish’ is a demonstration of the power of stylistic expression. It’s to the point, infectious in its melody and will add an edge to your playlists this lockdown.

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