Raw Soul Express – FFO: Earth, Wind and Fire; Stevie Wonder; Kool and the Gang

Raw Soul Express give you everything you’d expect and more. They have not lost their touch in the 45 years since their debut album release; nowhere is this more obvious than in their latest single, ‘Fate Of The World’.

Balancing real-world issues with excellent musicality and style, Raw Soul Express have created a call to the masses to question what’s going on without needing anything more than soul, funk and smooth vocals to call the shots.

With references to the BLM (Black Lives Matter) Movement, the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and climate change, ‘Fate Of The World’ is grounded in its lyricism, allowing the music itself to elevate the track further without taking away from the message.

The track’s instrumental seeps into the listener’s core with its silky brass and bass combination; understated yet powerful, it keeps the song alive and kicking right until the last note. The accompanying synths that appear throughout add levels that swell just at the right time. It builds effortlessly without resorting to creating walls of sound, leaving the track feeling suave and in control at all times. It’s a refreshingly modern sound backed by strong soul and funk tropes, meaning listeners can enjoy an edge of nostalgia with topical content.

With a music video that projects the issues sung about into the forefront whilst maintaining the band’s presence, it sums up ‘Fate Of The World’ as a whole.

Bringing questions about the state of living through the accessible medium of music whilst avoiding any whispers of virtue signalling, Raw Soul Express have created anthemic energy that breathes life and authenticity into their work.

Overall, Raw Soul Express have continued their impressive career with a thought-provoking look at the world set to a masterfully built instrumental that will leave listeners joyful and questioning – something music should do more in general.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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