The Fabulous Red Diesel – FFO: Madeleine Peyroux; Joni Mitchell; Frank Zappa

The Fabulous Red Diesel deliver on their name by providing an album full of variety, personality and incredible musical performances. A fusion of kooky jazz and hearty soul creates a perfect background for vocals that will make any listener melt. With a group as diverse as their sound, The Fabulous Red Diesel is comprised of Ms Kitty (vocals, keys, flute); Duke Boom (drums); Miss Bea-Have (double bass, tuba and trumpet) and Rabbi Jaffa Delicious (guitar and trumpet). The collective work together effortlessly to produce 16 tracks of content that stand out as pieces of art.

‘The Queensbury House Sessions’ opens up with ‘Karma’ which also acts as a real highlight. The six-minute epic is overflowing with charm due to joyful ad-libs and an eclectic mix of instruments that never feel disjointed. Whilst long, the track avoids being dragged out; its excellent content more than justifies the length, and this trend can be observed multiple times on the album with other powerhouse songs such as ‘The Game’, ‘Mama Josie Said’ and ‘War’.

The lead track, ‘Butterfly Mind’, is a real taste of how the band incorporate their live sound into recording to create a truly unique listening experience. The song itself is a mix of smooth harmonies, captivating pacing and sweet vocals that carry the song’s message well. Said message is summed up by the writer, Kat (Ms Kitty), herself:

“It’s about the way my brain works and the way music flits from one person to another, changing their perception (hopefully for the better) by tiny inspirational touches. And then it’s also a love song – I am married to the drummer and I’m saying no matter how many twists and turns and expansions my mind has, I am always grounded in him – you know I’ve got a butterfly mind but I settle on you”

Overall, ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’ is dynamic, raw and full of life. With songs that are both toe-tapping and steeped in emotion, The Fabulous Red Diesel are a one of a kind band that reflect an infectious spirit and love for music onto anyone who listens. With influences from all corners of funk, hip-hop and Latin to name a few, they are an explosion of clever lyrics and music; their new album should not be missed.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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