Davie Furey – FFO: Mark Knopfler; Christy Moore; Steve Earle

Davie Furey brings brilliant storytelling to the masses with his upcoming release ‘Haunted Streets’, which provides listeners with a narrative journey and eleven tracks of dramatic emotion that will keep you gripped from start to finish. The acclaimed Irish musician has produced an album strong in both style and substance, proving that powerful lyricism is not dead.

Some of the tracks on the upcoming album have already made their mark. ‘Secret Light’, ‘Flames on the River’, ‘Fire n’ Gold’ and ‘The Final Frontier’ have all claimed the number one spot as singles on the Irish Singer-Songwriter and Rock download charts, and for a good reason.

‘Flames on the River’ opens the album well, it is a solid introduction to everything that awaits the listener. With a spirited yet clean vocal performance and steady pacing that swells at just the right time, the track is powerful in its delivery but never feels over the top.

‘Secret Light’ is much more subdued but just as impactful and, along with ‘Fire and Gold’, allows a more folk-based instrumental to take centre stage. Whilst the nuances of various genres are present, ‘Haunted Streets’ never feels disconnected, it flows effortlessly through each track without ever repeating itself. ‘The Final Frontier’ implements hints of blues and utilises strings brilliantly, once again presenting a fully formed idea that has excellent musicality.

The rest of the album maintains the expectations generated through the singles, providing incredible diversity in style at the same time. A soft, ballad-esq piano can be heard on ‘Farewell Returning Blues’, creating a beautiful listening experience which is contrasted well by ‘Just Like The Wind’ which takes on a progressive beat and country motifs.

‘Spaces Full’ proves that Furey can create upbeat tracks without losing impassioned lyrics, while ‘Who Am I?’, ‘The Ghost in Me’ and ‘The Magic of the Ocean’ overflow with sentiment, avoiding feeling cheesy and clichéd. On top of this, Furey provides a bonus track that proves his capability as an authentic songwriter. Never feeling reductive or out of place, the swells of emotion fit the album as a whole and create an effortless connection to the listener.

Overall, ‘Haunted Streets’ is a refreshing look into modern folk-rock that will profoundly affect every listener. Not only has Furey received critical praise in the past from his debut album, but has continued to make excellent content that is a must listen too. Make sure to keep your ear out for ‘Haunted Streets’ dropping February 19th.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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