Nia John & Wolf Storm – FFO: Pat Benatar; Bonnie Tyler; Aerosmith

As the leading lady in Wolf Storm, one of Wales’ top cover bands, Nia John has a set of pipes and knows how to use them, even when lockdown restrictions get in the way.

Due to live entertainment being put on hold to protect the masses, Nia has turned to posting covers of her rock icons on YouTube for all to enjoy. The most recent song to receive her treatment is Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ which, along with other offerings, comes from Nia’s sixth album.

The cover itself is strong, hitting all the notes from the classic and adding some new vocal patterns and twists. John definitely puts her own spin on the rock ballad without losing any of the original’s magic. This isn’t a carbon copy and never tries to act as a cheap imitation. Instead, it is an ode to Tyler’s powerful performance.

A talented belter, John suits this style of epic rock ballad perfectly and, to prove it’s not a fluke, one only has to listen to other covers featured on the YouTube channel, such as Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ and Pat Benatar’s ‘You Better Run’. Numerous covers are available on the channel, many with an accompanying video, all of which show off John’s ability to perform and keep the spirit of the initial version alive.

With a childhood love of rock music inspired by her older brother (a drummer in a band) and an impressive résumé which includes recording at Abbey Road, being apart of the BBC Welsh Orchestra and featuring in BBC Proms, Nia is more than equipped to bring a real sense of passion to each cover her and Wolf Storm undertake.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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