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Folk-pop overflowing with feeling, Toby & Pip have created a softly sweet ode to the ones who ground us and show love through challenging times with their latest single ‘New Year’.

Inspired by the couple realising that “they had shared that midnight moment together since they first met and they wanted to do so every year moving forward”, the duo pour emotion from their eleven-year-long relationship into lyrics of longing and growth.

Watch a live performance of ‘New Year’ here!

Smooth instrumentals provide the perfect backing and avoid overtopped saccharine cliches, allowing genuine sentiment to take centre stage. An acoustic guitar and ukulele played by Toby and Pip respectively create a wonderful ambience that feels cosy and welcoming which, complemented by their tight harmonies throughout the song, acts as the most rewarding feature of Toby & Pip’s style. The fusion with folk is seamless, with the duo adding interesting nuances to what could have been a simple pop song, whilst they still nurture an authentic experience. 

Listeners are treated to genuine emotion and serene musicality, which is unsurprising since both members of the duo have been musically inclined for years, creating music together since they met. With differing backgrounds and a shared love of genres, Toby & Pip cultivate a rich, uplifting sound with relatable lyrics that will speak to all who have relied upon loved ones to survive what has indeed been a strange last year.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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