Angie A – FFO: Vera Lynn, Mellow Mystic, Thievery Corporation

Not many could take Vera Lynn’s classic ‘We’ll Meet Again’ and update it in a way that not only modernises it but transports it to a completely new realm of genres.

However Angie A has done just that. The original from 1939 has received a full make over and is now a combination of mellow backing instrumentals and powerful spoken lyrics, iconic to the dub-reggae genre.

Angie A delivers a cover that evolves the original song into a Reggae dub trap masterpiece. Check out the promotional video here!

The vocal performance is melodic, smooth and adds a soulful lilt to the ever-relevant message of togetherness in the current, hostile world climate.

It fuses well with the laid-back musical accompaniment that truly creates an air of relaxation, grounding the listener and offering a moment of calm. Even the pacing aids the serene feel of the track, whilst Angie A croons through the lyrics, while the steady, reggae flow of the song never changes; it feels ever-present but never overbearing.  

Not only is the single a joy to hear but Angie A wants this charity tune to raise and provide funds for causes close to her heart:

“1. The initiative ‘Get technology to local schools and their pupils’ and 2. Funds for care homes to invest in adapting to some kind of large screen online entertainment for residents.”

The fact that this blissful single can also positively affect vulnerable people in this time of hardship simply adds another layer of comfort and delight to this wonderful fusion.

Overall, this iteration of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ is refreshing, passionate and alluring. It offers a different experience that all should jump at the chance to have and this reimaging of classic could easily become a classic itself.

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