SHK – F.F.O: Feel Good Tunes

SHK has returned with yet another feel good tune in ‘Undefeated’ – a song which challenges you to push for your wildest of dreams.

‘Undefeated’ projects a message to everyone. Whether postman, schoolchild or nuclear physicist, no matter how impossible they may seem, this tune inspires you to go for all your dreams in life, remaining undefeated no matter what kind of circumstances you are facing.

Watch the music video for ‘Undefeated’ below:

“I have been really inspired by his hard-work, skills, integrity, discipline and unconquerable spirit. I think he is a great role-model for any professional, especially for Muslims.” – SHK on the power of music.

In particular, the focus is the Russian UFC artist, Khabib Nurmagomedov, who achieved iconic status in the MMA world by staying unbeaten in all 28 of his battles, all of which were victories.

He has remained a devout Muslim and diligent throughout his career, stringing together a remarkable string of victories that has seen him attain an elite status with both fans and fellow-competitors.

Shahzad Khan, a singer-songwriter and poet – who is also a keen scholar in spirituality, Sufism and self-reformation – was born in Pakistan but now resides in Reading, UK.

His other passion of martial arts is part of the blend that truly defines SHK’s music – with a deep rooted message of empowerment and survival.

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