Inhibit – F.F.O: Kyo; Evanescence; Nirvana

Based in Brussels, the character of InHibit is quite the mystery. Describing himself primarily as a poet, he has studied the piano since he was only five years old.

As a former racing driver and a qualified lawyer also, InHibit’s music and visuals are as unconventional as his background.

His latest single, ‘The Quest’ packs strong influences of the 90’s, as well as notable nods to Kyo, Evanescence and Nirvana. InHibit channels his unconventional stylistic and artistic techniques through the use of a keyboard and his passionate vocals.

‘The Quest’ is a track which perfectly summarises his work to date. With unexpected twists and turns throughout, the tune hints towards a deep-rooted electronic sound with splashes of the 90’s alt rock scene.

Hurtling towards 400,000 YouTube views in less than one month, ‘The Quest’ sees InHibit examining the hypocritical reactions of those around him when he is hidden behind a mask.

Watch the music video to ‘The Quest’ below:

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