Nonviolenze – F.F.O: Pink Floyd; Al Jarreau; Yes

With his bewitching, jazz-inflected acoustic songs along side his beautiful accompanying paintings and poetry, Texas-based Nonviolenze is an imaginative wizard looking to charm audiences worldwide.

His latest album ‘Ghosts Of War’ explores the deepest aspects of today’s society, drawing conclusions and previously unanswered questions into his works.

Throughout ‘Ghosts Of War’, Nonviolenze combines his tranquil voice with the distinctive finger-style guitar playing that we have seen previously to create a dream-like impression to the listener.

Image: Shri Baratan (Nonviolenze)

Opening this wondrous album is ‘Queen’ – a track that whips you away with its’ touching folk-like feel and calming melody, to make you almost feel like you’ve drifted right from normality.

‘Tree’ continues the sensory pleasure of this album, with life injected straight away through the sound of a tree being felled, followed by the all-too-familiar finger-style guitar, which brings a ray of energy to the song and builds to the rockier remainder.

This same feel is copied throughout title track ‘Ghosts Of War’; ‘Matrix’ and ‘Electron’ – with gentle rocky tones and spinning sounds that elevate the album further.

Watch the music video for ‘Electron’ below:

Up next is ‘Van Gogh’ – a track which instantly reminded me of Pink Floyd’s works, with a range of harmonics and a whirling guitar.

The remainder of the tracks follow suit, with probably my favourite to finish – ‘Last Thought’, which to me is almost like a collab with David Bowie and Yes. Not bad at all if you ask me!

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