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Cloudy Clouds has made a name for himself as one of the most cutting-edge and satirical hip-hop artists you need to listen to in the United Kingdom. He has produced one of the most striking hip-hop albums to date, never afraid of self-deprecating humour, insightful social criticism and striving to take the listener to a dreamlike state.

The set of tracks tells a plot, starting with the albums eponymous title track. Via the use of spoken words, the title tune sets the tone for the record with a young girl dreaming of the future, before Cloudy Clouds enters with his distinctive rap sound and twinkling, dreamlike rhythms. You can find that as you continue through the record, he does not take himself too seriously, but also manages to have an insightful statement on a number of social problems.

Claudio Elliston, based in London, is the voice behind Cloudy Clouds, and takes influence from some of the biggest rap names, including Eminem, Lupe Fiasco and Sha Stimulus. In his relatable songs, he mixes classic British humour and quirky world views, stripping back any false glamour to create a gritty, raw listening experience. Track 12 is followed by a cleverly produced music video for the song ‘Your Future Baby’, which visualises and further adds to his whimsical stories.

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