F.F.O: Madness, Sleaford Mods, Bad Manners

With Ska, Punk and Rap influences alike, Karl Phillips & The Rejects have put up a political fight – challenging popular culture and societal downfalls in the past, and now the whole country.

Their latest release, ‘Ingurland’ is a track that goes far beyond attacking their native land just because it’s having a dodgy year – it is a pointed strike at society, and at the likes of those who use BLM headlines to further their own agenda.

Ingurland, a country split in half. Whether it’s politics, conspiracy theories or who’s walking down the shop to get the milk. Nobody can agree on anything.

– Karl Phillips & The Rejects

Watch the music video to ‘Ingurland’ BELOW:

Ingurland is accompanied by a suitably hard-hitting video which sees Karl playing narrator; a racist; a hipster and a conspiracy theorist, bringing together groups who he sees as playing a part in what is helping to turn England into a country which is far from happy and glorious.

Based in Northampton, Karl Phillips & The Rejects combine the ferocity of punk, funky zip of ska and street smarts of hip-hop but with an added injection of tongue-in-cheek humour, allowing them to take on issues and individuals across a variety of mediums.

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