FFO: Yxng Bane; Shakka; JME; Stormzy

D-Saro’s latest tracks begins with the hypeman-esque callout: ‘this one is a radio-killer’. We have to agree. ‘Conundrum’ is fresh, tapping straight into the musical zeitgeist with its dancehall rhythm and upbeat afrobeat vibes. Indeed it feels so ‘current’ that it seems a tad surprising that you haven’t heard it on radio one before, if you get what we’re hitting at.

As a result, we feel that this track has a clear cross-generic appeal: there seems to be as much here for the casual pop fan as there is for those already deep into the dancehall and afro-beat scene.

The first artists that immediately come to mind after the first listen of ‘Conundrum’ are with Yxng Bane and Shakka, as the track is obviously heavily influenced by their reggaetown and afrobeat style music. For example, ‘Conundrum’ features island-style melodies and the funky bassline that are mainstays of these genres.

The style of D-Saro’s rap, however, is not in the same tradition of dancehall/afrobeat, either in sound nor substance. Instead, ‘Conundrum’ is is more reminiscent of the stark realism of grime artists like JME and Stormzy, minus the hard-edge that is associated with such acts.

Definitely one for urban music fans, although we reckon that ‘Conundrum’ has an appeal that extends even beyond this wide pool of potential fans.

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