FFO: Kid Cudi, Anderson .Paak, Jimi Hendrix

Rapper Jonny Dee describes his own output as a brand of ‘psychedelic hip-hop’ – a description which, having just listened through his latest album, we think is absolutely spot on… Why? Well hip-hop is easy enough to explain – he’s rapping after all – but you can also discover in his music, if you dig a little deeper in, the influence of those 60s hippy folks who played guitars and sang about loving yourself and loving the world and all kinds of positive messages.

Cue photoshoot in a natural setting…

Citing The BeatlesBowie and Hendrix as some of his key influences,  he is most often compared to Kid Cudi, Chance the Rapper and Anderson .Paak. His tracks range from the poppy and melodic Summer’s Song to the more hard-hitting album opener Rhythm of my Life, displaying his talent not only as rapper but as instrumentalist and singer.

His lyrics? – ‘I’m more about loving yourself, and finding good vibes in the world around you through that. I’m trying to help people, and tell them how I got to where I am now, rather than brag to them about anything.‘ He takes you into a dreamy, soulful and melodic world that is at once nostalgic and uplifting – and he just released a video to match:

Expect to hear more from Jonny Dee – his musical game is unique and on point…

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