FFO: Kiss, Blink 182, Weezer

Just taking a look at the song names on Ben Katzman’s latest  DeGreaser release, Quarter Life Crisis, his humour is apparent – “My Sugarmama is a Scientologist”, “Goodbye WiFi”, and, probably my favourite, “Carpe DM,” the list goes on…

But there is something that Katzman’s deadly serious about – and that’s shredding. Which is why any fan of Blink 182 would surely love DeGreaser, they have the speed and the relentless energy, but also the humour.

There’s years of experience behind his work – as a musician, record label owner, and manager for both his own band and many others including Tall Juan, Japanther, and Free Pizza. And yet songs such as “Too Old For Retail” remind us that Ben is still a young guy – “I’m too old for retail, retail’s too old for me, I’m too old for retail, what about my college degree?” The song tells the humourous tale of a young graduate bitterly lamenting his poor employment prospects and heavy student debt – Katzman creating an a lazy alter ego through which he delivers his satire. The whole album is written about going through your twenties and each record is imbued with Katzman’s satirical eye – whether its earning “cool points” to “pay to rent” or going through a breakup with WiFi.

Serious about keeping rock silly, like Kiss before him, Ben Katzman’s a shredder with a knack for wit – go check him out.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIhoC557bGpA-TJTQR2cD2Q

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chillinmadhard

Instagram: @bkdegreaser69

Website: www.benkatzman.com