FFO: Chase & Status, Oliver Heldens, N-Trance

Jonny Morello has one aim: to create high-energy, euphoric mixes.

Having witnessed a biblical performance by Jay-Z in London, he was blown away by how the hip-hop king could control the crowd with his energy. From then on, Morello’s mission was to get those reactions from a crowd and affect people’s lives positively with something he’d created.

Teaching himself initially by following YouTube tutorials, the Middlesbrough-based amateur soon signed up for music production courses, exploring the opportunities for sound design and production techniques with that initial target in mind.

So, taking notes from the 90s rave/house scene, Morello binds iconic piano riffs, stadium-sized vocals, and a ‘stand up for the people vibe’ to create high-tempo dance music.

Ever the perfectionist, it’s allegedly taken Morello four years and 500 different versions to arrive at this finished track ‘Why Can’t We See’ ft. Manchester-based vocalist Gabi.

While aspects of the finished product are reminiscent of mainstream beat makers such as Chase & Status, he also evokes favorable comparisons to renowned 90s producers such as N-Trance, Jimi Polo, Bass Selective, and Black Box.

Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/jonny_morello/why-cant-we-see/s-VT4UV

Youtube: https://youtu.be/VaRhHMFPLU0