FFO: Cage The Elephant, 21 Pilots, Weezer

Take the larger-than-life attitude of Cage The Elephant, the rap-rock style of 21 Pilots, and the earworm choruses of Weezer and you’ll have the canvas for Rare Americans colourful anthems. But what sets the Vancouver trio apart from their predecessors is the brushstrokes of hip-hop, folk and occasionally, country that are woven into their forthcoming eponymous album.

New single ‘Cats, Dogs & Rats‘ ticks off all the hallmarks of a pop punk anthem but with the addition of horns, acoustic guitar and a careening vocal from front man James Priestner. The vocalist disregards the genre’s typically clean phrasing, instead colouring outside of the lines with a half-spoken, half-yelled melody that perfectly illustrates his anxiety-ridden lyrics like ‘How did I get so confused, my path totally skewed/ tapped the karma bank till I overdrew’.

Though the Vancouver trio is still in its infancy, their refreshing take on pop punk is already permeating through the scene. But don’t take my word for it, check out the video for Cats Dogs & Rats created by Brooklyn-based animator Harry Tietelman (Killer Mike of Run The Jewels), which has garnered over 300,000 views in less than a week…

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