FFO: Alicai Harley, Stefflon Don, Mabel

Since Sean Paul re-ignited our love for bashment with 2002 album ‘Dutty Love‘, the genre has been a mainstay in the charts. Now, everyone from Rihanna to Justin Bieber are converting the Jamaican genre into chart-topping anthems, so it’s no surprise bashment’s resurgence has brought a wave of new artists with it. Stefflon Don and Mabel are paving way the way for the females in the genre, while artists like Alicai Harley follow close behind. But there’s one particular newcomer that has caught our eye.

At just sixteen-years-old, Hope Lovina is bidding to be the genre’s next flagship artist. Born and raised in Manchester, the teen discovered her singing and songwriting abilities at just six years old. During the last ten years, she’s had honed her songwriting craft and fine-tuned her voice while culminating a clutch of tracks from numerous recording sessions. It wasn’t long until Hope inked a deal with teen initiative label Indie Muscle, who have released her first offering ‘Wifey’.

Taking notes from the aforementioned bashment artists, and borrowing from R&B divas such as the late Aliyah, Hope Lovina has emerged with a sound that’s familiar yet fresh.