FFO: Iron and Wine, Civil Wars, Simon and Garfunkel

Like any duo worth their salt, separately Hayley and Ben Williams have had illustrious careers but together, they’re greater than the sum of their parts.

Ben Williams’ previous musical life saw him wielding his guitar, sharing stages with the likes of Simply Red and Chic, whilst also receiving plaudits from Grammy Award-winning producer (Coldplay) Ken Nelson and go-to drummer, Steve White (The Who; Paul Weller). Meanwhile, Hayley has forged her own path to success, achieving platinum sales in both Sweden and Norway.

Having forged highly successful solo careers, they found themselves as tutors to each other after a chance meeting. Hayley coached Ben through singing lessons, while Ben shared his guitar knowledge with Hayley. Having swapped skills and discovered a common love for folk music, Son of William was born.

Though the pair don’t attempt to re-work the tried-and-tested formula of folk acts before them, it’s still as captivating as ever. New cut ‘Dear Old Acquaintance’ is a no-frills slow burner that places storytelling at the forefront, embellished only by their synergy of harmonies. Hayley anchors the melody with a serrated-edge vocal reminiscent of Adele‘s, while Ben’s lighter-than-air vocal blends seamlessly. It’s a familiar sound that takes notes from the likes of Iron and Wine, Civil Wars and Simon and Garfunkel but one that’ll no doubt cement their place on the scene.

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