FFO: Banks, Lana Del Rey, Julien Baker

Ever since we caught wind of how Steele’s brush with death changed her perspective on music, we knew her songs would offer something a little deeper than the pop music she’s touted for.

Hailing from the musical hotbed of Sweden, Steele pens life-affirming lyrics to a familiar yet unique electro-noir sound.

Waiting‘ and ‘Know Her‘, lifted from forthcoming album ‘Paroxysm‘, take notes from the BANKS school of sonics. Channeling the singer’s trademark sound, every surging synth and industrial beat on the pair of songs sounds as if it’s been submerged in water, buoyed only by waves of melancholy.


While her sonics may nod to BANKS, her vocals are one and the same with that of Lana Del Rey. ‘8am‘ sees Steele’s smoky vocal snake around the track in the same sultry manner that saw the ‘Video Games’ star rise to prominence. Sonically, this track demonstrates a completely different side to her sound. The retrospective slow burner emits the same gut-wrenching feeling that’s synonymous with Julien Baker‘s catalogue.

Ultimately, the thing that set’s her apart from her predecessors is the devastating depth and blackness at the heart of her tracks. Though her near-death experience is most likely responsible for this, it also may be just the thing to breathe a new lease of life into pop music.


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