F.F.O: FKA Twigs, Nils Frahm, James Blake

From a studio retreat in the depths of Ibiza’s valley, IOTAPHI have emerged with their hot take on electronic music. The duo, which comprises Ilia Darlin and Francesco Konstantinos, specialise in cinematic soundscapes cloaked in dark hues. While their EP ‘Kloudland‘ offers the kind of sonics that may have been conceived in the darkest corners of James Blake’s mind, Darlin’s ethereal vocals wield the kind of mystical aura that’s synonymous with FKA Twigs. The heady mixture is only made more intoxicating by the presence of traditional Grecian instruments such as the Santur, which adds texture to their slick electronic production. Completing IOTAPHI’s musical DNA is inspiration drawn from the myth of Persephone. And, just like the Goddess of Spring, their mission is to bring around change and inspire growth.

“We believe society needs to re-evaluate its core values,” says Darlin. “We see beauty where it really is, in people’s souls. We are constantly driven away from truth and towards superficiality. There will be change ‘we will take your world apart’.”

Watch IOTAPHI’s video for Kids of Chaos below.



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