FFO: Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things, My Morning Jacket

Four guys, four nationalities, and one shared love for 1960s Psychedelia. This is what makes up the London based psych-rock soul train that is The Statue Thieves.  

From Poland, Italy, Spain to the romantic streets of North West London, Craig InghamIvan MuelaGennaro Oliviero and Michal Domin have combined their individual influences, along with their shared love for 1950’s & 60’s pop and rock music, to create their own soundtrack to 2018’s summer of love.

New album Laniakea takes you on a cosmic journey through birth, life, death and beyond, lyrically reminiscent of Hawkwind & T. Rex. Yet its new single ‘Jacobs’s Well‘ highlights the band’s refreshing take on classic influences. With sultry verses, a punchy riff and a spine tingling guitar solo; we are treated to a love child conceived from an early morning orgy of mid 90’s Red Hot Chili Peppers, late 00’s Arctic Monkeys and a portion of Jimi Hendrix for good measure.

Words: Lewis Budden @lewisbudden

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