FFO: Todd Rundgren and Randy Newman

Classical pianist, Ben Ridley, has spent years honing his songwriting chops to emerge as a pop prodigy.

Having excelled as a high-brow instrumentalist, Ridley turned his talent to songwriting. Taking inspiration from the likes of Todd Rundgren and Randy Newman, as well as keeping hold of his nuanced classical training, he has spent years analysing the craft of songwriting. The result is an album that offers intricately arranged snapshots of life, love, and regret.

Based in Brighton, England, Ben has incorporated cinematic style and scope to his music which fits with his vision of a strong narrative running through his work. Having played live at venues such as the fabled Ronnie Scott’s and with a number of well-received classical music only albums under his belt, he is joined on the track by Gerrard – not another artist but in fact his trusty old grand piano.

Listen to Ben Ridley’s album ‘Sing’ below.

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