Quadri is for fans of Giggs, Timbaland and Drake

FFO: Giggs, Timbaland, Drake

While some rappers opt for tongue-twisting acrobatics, cramming in words a mile-a-minute, Quadri, takes a different approach. The South London rapper takes cues from the likes of Giggs, adopting a prowling delivery to give a minimal lyric, maximum effect.

When it comes to production, Quadri takes notes from Timbaland, recreating his beats as monophonic and polyphonic structures. Having studied music production and installed a music studio in his home, the rapper is a dab-hand behind the desk as well as the mic.

As if a career in music wasn’t challenging enough, Quadri also has plans to conquer the the fashion world, creating an empire like Jay-Z. With the self-assured braggadocio he exercises in his music, we’re inclined to believe he’ll get there through sheer determination and resilience.

Listen to ‘White Denim’ by Quadri below.

Website: www.qhmusic.co.uk

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/quadri_artist

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