FFO: The Stooges, The Damned

Though it’s been a couple of months since Wartoad dropped their most recent effort ‘What Rough Beasts’, it still hits as hard after a couple of listens. The band have been single-handedly dragging back the rebellious nature of punk with their celebrity-bashing tunes. If targeting Donald Trump and Leonardo Di Caprio in their songs wasn’t punk enough, the band have been ejected from both their digital provider and YouTube for their filthy mouths. This is a band that would rather make enemies than play it safe.

With that in mind, brace yourselves for the landing of brand new album ‘What Rough Beasts’, an assault on the ears that sees the band flexing their punk chops. The references woven into the album range from The Stooges to The Damned, and with members of the band based in the UK, Texas, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and LA it’s hardly a surprise that the album is diverse. It’s also the members’ extraordinary wealth of experience that makes ‘What Rough Beasts’ far more than a punk album, boasting respective careers that have seen them play with such luminaries such as Neil Young; Pearl Jam; Norah Jones and Roger Waters.

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