Ricardo Bacelar, An Emotionally Driven Pianist From Brazil Releases Brand New Album ‘Sebastiana’










This new Jazz, Brazilian fusion album is a delight for any sophisticated music listener. With a vast array of collaborations, the culturally accentuated project has brought together the best in music from all over the world.

The lead in this momentous occasion is led by none other than Brazilian based ‘Ricardo Bacelar, who has spent all but 5 years of his life playing or focusing on the art of music. At a very early age, Ricardo was introduced to music by his father, and ever since, he has been spending his time in recording studios and live concerts.

The brand new album ‘Sebastiana’ is out now, recorded by top producer Cesar Lemos in Miami, Florida, this album is not one to be missed.

Spotify: http://bit.ly/Sebastiana-Spotify

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ricbacelar/videos

Facebook: https://facebook.com/ricbacelar

Instagram: https://instagram.com/ricardo_bacelar

Website: http://bit.ly/RicardoBacelar-Sebastiana-en