Broken Islands Are A New Breed Of Music Fused In The Heart Of Canada





Calling all music lovers that get a kick out of brand new, unheard style, with untouched song-writing elements and a bravado fit for the names of the biggest and best caliber.

The group ‘Broken Islands‘ are making the rounds as the newest shining band to come out out Vancouver, Canada. Made up up highly skilled musicians. The band itself is made up of guitarist Will MacDonald; guitarist Kurtis Sheldan (alternating lead and rhythm duties between them); Stephen Cameron on bass; Ty Badali on drums; keyboardist Rachel Ashmore and singer, Rachelle Boily, who’s power and presence serve as a great leading force for this ensemble.


They have been hard at work, and for any who don’t believe me, maybe you should take a listen to their brand new full length album titled WARS’, which is out now, so be sure to check them out: